• February 5, 2015

ACCESS reveals new look, logo and website!


Several months ago, the team at ACCESS Destination Services embarked on a mission to better convey what we’re passionate about by redesigning our brand image and messaging.  Our partners and local team members participated in individual and group exercises that dug deep into the heart of not just what we do as a company, or even how we do it, but WHY we do it. The collective results of these exercises were clear.  As a result of this process, we’re unveiling a new website, logo, and newsletter design which convey our brand promise: “To inspire people through shared experiences.”

At ACCESS, we understand that meetings and events are meant to be shared experiences and we also know that one of our clients’ primary goals is to inspire people. Throughout our 45-year history as a DMC industry leader, we’ve worked hard to do exactly that because we know that inspired people drive organizational success.

As event planners, understanding the importance and power of shared experiences can turn a forgettable event into a transforming one. We have the unique opportunity to help groups forge connections with one another and connect people at a deeper level.

We believe that members of the meetings and events industry can – and should – be much more than simply providers of things. We may offer buses, boats, bands and ballrooms, but we’re really in the business of creating shared experiences. We know our clients want more than just things; they want experiences, too. They want to share and to be inspired – and that’s what ACCESS remains passionate about delivering into the future!

Let ACCESS transform your next event into your next inspiring experience. Contact the team at ACCESS today.