• May 20, 2016

Pharma Forum CSR activity makes a difference in the lives of real children!







If you’ve ever wondered if CSR programs actually have any effect on the lives of real people, we invite you to look at the photos above. A this year’s Pharma Forum, ACCESS produced the CSR Activity Station where participants stopped by to create I.V. bag ornaments, puppets, crowns and other crafts. Over 100 hand-made items were delivered to the St. Elizabeth Seton Children’s Foundation in New York – a hospital for children with special needs.

“Thank you for your donation of the IV pole puppets, the crowns, the tiaras and all the wonderful arts and crafts. Your contribution will help us to continue to enrich the lives of more than 5,000 residents, students and patients with complex medical, educational and rehabilitative needs. Thank you for your compassionate response to the children we serve.”
— Senior VP, St. Elizabeth Seton Children’s Foundation

This is WHY the team at ACCESS believes so strongly in the power of CSR, and this is the kind of difference the meetings and events industry can make across the country and around the world! To learn more about how impactful CSR programs can be, visit our CSR page.